The Rules

  1. Obviously, you must be a fan of Danity Kane.
  2. Name, email, and country are required fields, without them you cannot be added.
  3. You must give a valid email address.
  4. You must give a valid first name, not a user name. If a user name is given you will be listed as anonymous.
  5. You do not need to have a website to join, however if you do have a website please grab a code and link it back to Save to your own server. Do not direct link.
  6. If you do link back to the fanlisting from your site I will link you back. Otherwise just your email will be linked if specified.
  7. Any website I deem inappropriate (i.e porn, illegal, discriminatory) will not be linked. You can still join but only your email will be linked.
  8. Do not submit redirect URLs such as .tk or please give your real website address or it will not be linked.
  9. If you submit a MYSPACE or other networking site profile as your URL it will only be linked if it is not private (I need to be able to check for the code), not congested with hundereds of images, and does not take forever to load

Agree with the rules? Great join the fanlisting!

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